As our name suggests, we have a deep-rooted belief that yoga can bring balance to your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Our goal is to offer year round yoga classes in a variety of styles which are rooted in the Krishnamacharya lineage. This simply means there is a thread that runs through our classes whether you choose Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or Restorative Yoga. Our teachers are as different as the classes they offer yet all are very experienced, compassionate and yes, challenging teachers. We treasure our relationship with the Missoula community and our close relationship with the University of Montana. We strive to be a place where the yoga community can grow. Though we love all of our students, we are especially pleased to welcome those new to yoga.

Marlene Burke, Founder

 Marlene Burke, Founder

The Yoga Fitness Center of Missoula was founded by Marlene Burke sometime in 1980. Marlene began her yoga practice at the age of 35. Her interest was sparked by a small article about yoga in Redbook magazine. She began practicing in her living room, there were no yoga teachers in Missoula at the time, and soon she was teaching friends in her home. She spent years traveling, reading and practicing as she learned more about yoga. In her 60's, at the height of her teaching, she taught at the University, the YFC, the YMCA, St. Patrick's Hospital, and The Women's Club. Teaching up to 5 classes a day, traveling around town. Though Marlene retired in her mid 70's, she is remembered, often quoted, and her vision for the Yoga Fitness Center continues.

A quote from Marlene concerning students:  "What you really do is show them, talk to them and mentally push them to be aware of what they're doing. You can get your students to do more through love than through force.

 Katherine Heath, Owner
In early 2000 my longtime and most highly regarded teacher, Marlene Burke, asked me to purchase the studio. I did as she asked and I have tried to remain true to our shared vision.