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marina 700

Marina Zaleski

Yoga has nourished me, inspired me and boggled my mind since 1991.   

Mentored at The Yoga Fitness Center since 1997, I was first certified to teach Traditional Hatha Yoga under the guidance of Georg Feuerstein in 2003 and most recently by Erich Schiffmann in 2013.

Classes blend both individual and communal needs of practitioners; classic and adaptive asana are offered to provide you with the tools to develop and experience your strengths, stability and ease. Restorative yoga and meditation are frequently included. My studies of kinesiology and therapeutic yoga continue through professional trainings and local clients.

A few off the mat interests of mine include shared meals, live music, documentaries and a good laugh.

Marina is pleased to be a part of the team of teachers offering Yoga through The University of Montana's HHP Department. Her approach offers and reinforces the building blocks of including Yoga in your day to day life on and off the mat. She teaches both an Introduction to Yoga and Continuing Yoga classes. Please note that Continuing Yoga has no prerequisites and may include all levels of practitioners. Remember it is you the practitioner that progresses and not necessarily the difficulty of the asanas. Prop use is encouraged to help serve the student's fullest experience and an opportunity to find ease among our challenges.

Learn more about Marina at yogamz.com.

Main Studio Classes: Hatha Yoga

University Classes: Yoga, Introduction to Yoga

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tane 8380 edited 700
Tane Talalotu-Kanat

Main Studio Classes: HALF-Led Primary Series

Ashtanga Studio Classes: Ashtanga: Led Primary Series, Open and Mysore Ashtanga Practices

University Classes: Ashtanga Yoga

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harriet 2355 700

 Harriet Alterowitz

With a background of dance and fitness, Harriet has worked in the fields of movement and exercise for many years. She has been teaching yoga for 15 years. Her approach to yoga is one of creativity, openness and fun.

Harriet is certified as a yoga therapist with Integrative Yoga Therapy and has studied therapeutic practices with Joseph LePage, Judith Lasater, Tias Little, Erich Schiffmann and others.  She continues to be a student of yoga, broadening her knowledge base by attending workshops and trainings with master teachers.

She teaches in various venues in Missoula and also leads retreats both in Montana and internationally.

She is certified as a Relax and Renew Instructor with Judith Lasater and registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT500 level. She welcomes students at any level.

 Main Studio Classes: Continuing Yoga

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YFC 9721 Erin White 700

Erin White

Erin began practicing Ashtanga, Jivamukti, and Yin yoga in San Francisco in 2004. When she moved home to Missoula in 2007, she took up practice with Serena Early at the Yoga Fitness Center. In 2009, Serena decided that Erin was ready to teach, so teach she did. Her yoga education has continued with workshops, trainings, retreats, and intensives with teachers such as Dina Amsterdam, Judith Hanson Lasater, Joe Barnett, David Garrigues, and Leslie Kaminoff. 

Erin's classes are a melding of the yoga styles that she's practiced and learned over the years. Students can expect a blend of flowing vinyasa sequences, centering pranayama, anatomically intelligent adjustments, and calming Yin poses. Ultimately, she tailors each class to the students who are present that day, and the wants, needs, and injuries they bring with them.

In addition to her classes at YFC, Erin teaches yoga for preschoolers and kindergarteners at Clark Fork School, and co-leads therapeutic yoga for a young woman with a traumatic brain injury once a week. 

She maintains that there's no day so good or bad that it can't be improved with viparita karani and a nice twist!

Main Studio Classes: Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow

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lori chase 9575 700

Lori Chase

Lori has practiced yoga for over 25 years, and has been teaching for the last 5 years. She prefers an energetic Ashtanga vinyasa practice early in the day, and a slower yin-like practice in the evening.
When taking her class, students can expect to focus on their breath and listen to their bodies as she does her best to provide appropriate modifications for each individual. It is Lori's goal to keep you safe while you explore your practice, and to facilitate a positive experience as you connect with your Self.

Lori was born in Japan, grew up in New Hampshire and has lived in Missoula for the past 20 years. When not practicing, studying or teaching yoga she enjoys spending time with her two young sons, biking, and dancing Argentine Tango.

Main Studio Classes: Introduction to Ashtanga

University Classes: Introduction to Yoga, Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

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julie mackiewicz 1815 700

Julie Mackiewicz

Julie Mackiewicz sees the practices of yoga as exceptional tools to dive deep and to connect with our truest, most authentic Selves. Combining alignment with mindfully aligned flow, and meditation, Julie's teaching allows deep awareness and connection along with creative expression. She loves the mythology and philosophy of yoga and to weave the stories and teachings into her classes as ways to deepen our practices. An E-RYT 200 and RYT 500, Julie began her studies in Hatha yoga in 2001 and attained her 200 hour certification in 2007. She then went on to study Anusara for a number of years. She completed her 300 hour certification in 2017 in Rasa Yoga. She is constantly continuing her studies in yoga, most often online and also in person, with Christina Sell and Sianna Sherman. Julie believes that through our practices, we are able to cultivate strength on all levels, generate beauty and creativity through any and every expression of a pose, connect more deeply with ourselves and all that is, to undergo inner and outer transformation, to thrive, and to shine.

 To learn more about Julie visit her website.

Main Studio Classes: Form and Flow

University Classes: Yoga, Introduction to Yoga

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ellie costello 8049 700

Ellie Costello

Ellie Costello is grateful to be a student and teacher of yoga. She completed her 200 hour training in January 2015 at Yoga District in Washington, D.C. Her training incorporated many yoga traditions, much like her own practice, including Dharma, Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Prana Flow, prenatal, and yoga outreach techniques for at-risk communities. With over a decade of practice, yoga has taught her many lessons in balance and her practice has provided a holistic approach for maintaining health in spirit, body, and mind. Ellie has a background in sustainable food systems and farming, and her asana practice has been a gift to strengthen and ease her body within this physical lifestyle.

Ellie appreciates sharing the practice of yoga within a community and guides students in a supportive environment. Her Hatha classes are a mix of vinyasa flow, alignment work, and opportunities to play. She encourages all to find their own balance and is happy to accommodate the needs of those in the class. Ellie believes that yoga practice will help all to further embody their whole selves within the world.

Main Studio Classes: Hatha Yoga

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rebecca smith 7997 700

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca has practiced Ashtanga since 2006 under the guidance of certified Ashtanga teacher David Garrigues. She also enjoys studying Ashtanga with senior, certified teacher Tim Miller, and studying in India at the source. Rebecca strongly believes in Yoga Sutra 1.14: "Sah tu dirgha kala nairantaira satkara asevitah dridha bhumih." "When the practice is done for a long time, without a break, and with sincere devotion, then the practice becomes a firmly rooted, stable and solid foundation." Rebecca leads traditional Ashtanga primary series classes.

Main Studio Classes: Ashtanga HALF Led Primary

Ashtanga Studio Classes: Led Primary Series

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mandela 1452 500

Mandela Leola van Eeden

Mandela has been a student of yoga for over a decade. Her studies began at the Universite of Montana in Missoula. She deepened her studies at The Yoga Fitness Center through the Open Yoga program. An avid explorer with a background in adventure guiding, she has overcome multiple injuries and consequential surgeries through the practice of yoga

Her Ashtanga practice has taken her to India where she has completed two in depth studies. Mandela enjoys all paths of yoga but her focus is the study and practice of Ashtanga.

Mandela began teaching yoga in sand on the river and in mud surrounded by chickens in the townships of Southern Africa. her favorite thing about yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere in world without any fancy equipment.

She began teaching at The Yoga Fitness Center in 2011. Each of her classes ends by bringing her students slowly out of Savasana with an Indigenous Aboriginal Australian Didjeridu Dreamtime Story. She does her best to follow the lineage of Ashtanga Yoga and has studied under the guidance of David Garrigues, Lino Miele, Katie Heath, Tane Talalotu-Kanat and Serena Early.

Main Studio Classes: Yoga with Mandela, Ashtanga HALF Led Primary

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